About Tom Lee

Tom Lee is a professional storyteller with thirty years experience telling traditional stories, myths, and epics for adults and children.  Tom's repertoire is a rich trove of oral literature from cultures around the world, dating back centuries.

Tom began researching traditional stories while living in a tiny village in Scotland; he continued his research at The British Library in London.  Tom gave his first performances of Grimm's fairy tales in the theater of a London Pub called, appropriately, "The Man in the Moon." This program was presented at the Edinburgh Festival and subsequently on BBC-TV.

Story upon story; always engaging, sophisticated and entertaining. In Lee’s retellings of traditional tales, God, Death and the Devil are vivid characters,
— Time Out London

While researching folktales in Ireland, Tom came across evidence of a storyteller in his own family history.  The Royal Irish Academy has reports of one Marough O'Lee, a Galway villager who claimed to be transported by fairies to the island of Hy Brasil.  "His wild tales were frequently told to his credulous neighbors."

Tom performs for adults in theaters and at festivals around the country. He is a frequent guest artist at The Metropolitan Museum of Art where he brings together his passion for research, art, and story - ever connecting with new audiences. 

"Prophets and Loss" was created in 2016 as part of a commission from The Blanton Museum of Art at the University of Texas in conjunction with an exhibition of pages from the Morgan Crusader Bible.


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